PFC Minutes 1-28-2020 – ENGLISH

Minutes of Pueblo Vista PFC

Meeting Date: 1/28/2020

Call to order  

A General  meeting of the Pueblo Vista PFC was held at Pueblo Vista on January 28th, 2020.  The meeting was convened at [time] with President Laurie Corona presiding and Justin Godey as Recording Secretary.

Members in Attendance: Laurie Corona, President.  Stephanie Cole Vice President. Dan Dawson, Treasurer. Justin Godey, Recording Secretary.

Board Members NOT Present: Helen Roca, Parliamentarian.  Sarah Guzman, Recording Secretary.

Approval of Consent Agenda:  

Items Removed from Consent Agenda (by number):

A motion was made to approve the Consent Agenda by Justin Godey and seconded.


Officer’s reports.


No Report

Vice President

No Report

Recording Secretary

No Report

Corresponding Secretary

Justin Reported on updates to the PFC Website allowing for a PFC Store.  Discussion about Kids Zone Afterschool Clubs was had. PFC to confirm if the Kid Zone participants were selected by lottery or first come first serve.


Presented 2019-2020 budget.

Printed copies not available.  Will be made available in the office.  Digital version on PFC Website.


No Report


No Report

Board and committee reports:

Committee: Superintendent Parent Advisory Committee

Holly Dawson presented notes from SPAC meeting.  

Committee: Winter Celebration Committee Report

Claudette Shato reported on Winter Celebration to review

Committee: Night in Havana Committee Report

Stephanie Cole reported on Night in Havana Progress

Committee: Dia Del Niño Committee Report

Claudette made a call for help to put together silent auction for Dia Del Niño.

Committee: Family Night Committee Report

No Report

Committee: Jog-A-Thon Committee Report

No Report

Committee: Water Dispenser Committee Report –

US Pure Water

Novato, CA

The Twin Win


2 Faucets

200-1500 person event capacity

Self contained rolling cabinet





Filter Cartridges $60/each replaced biannually.

Local manufacture and sales and maintenance if ever needed.  

No delivery costs, I can drive to Novato and pick it up.

PFC Decided to wait until after Havana Nights before making a plan to purchase this or to run a specific fundraiser for the Water Station.

New Business:

Add Budget Committee to February Meeting Agenda

Motion:  Moved by Justin Godey. Seconded by Schecky Miluao.


Add Diversity, Inclusion and Equity Committee to February Meeting Agenda

Motion:  Moved by Justin Godey .  Seconded by Katherine Fleming.


Add Vote to append bylaws to add Financial Secretary to February Meeting Agenda

Motion:  Moved by Dan Dawson .  Seconded by Schecky Miluao.



The meeting was adjourned at 6:40pm.  

Justin Godey                                     _______________________________

Secretary                                                          Date of approval

Pueblo Vista PFC