PFC Meeting Minutes 2-25-2020 – ENGLISH DRAFT

    Pueblo Vista Parent Faculty Club

Meeting Agenda

February 25th, 2020

1600 Barbara Road

Napa CA, 94558

Agenda Overview – President

Good Feedback from Havana event

Next week is Classified appreciation week-propose use some money for classified staff 11 total individuals. Students make cards for classified staff. Bagels on Wednesday March 4 . $300 max

Consent Agenda

Officers Reports

Treasurer’s report:  Havana: gross $9675. Expenses: $4553

Dia $3000 to reimburse teachers

Dia grossed 16,000 last year budget $9000

JogaThon made $5000 last year

Principal’s Update – Principal

Resubmitting 5 hour pledge-from Room Parent meeting

Faculty report: Harvest meeting/middle school is an IB school. This IB requires certification. Offers extra classes for students, district pays to be  a part of program. 1.5 m fee to the district due to IB. Harvest cutting budget but will continue DI, ESA. 

Visit to Disneyland to accept award for CDS.

Committee Reports:

Superintendent Parent Advisory Committee – Holly Dawson

Winter Celebration Committee Report – Claudette Shatto

Night in Havana Committee Report – Stephanie Cole

-update website (WICS?) Setting up sub committee. Goal is to streamline communications: Change from Eventbrite to less expense model. “Brown Paper Tickets” or use Square. Good DJ and dance instructors. Give tickets to local dignitaries such as Superintendent etc… good donations-food great. Photo booth. 

Dia Del Niño Committee Report – Laurie Corona. Last  year grossed $16,000

Family Night Committee Report – 

Jog-A-Thon Committee Report – last year made $5000. Possible date May 21st. Prize for grades who earn the most money. Marsha is the chairperson. Sue will also help

Water Dispenser Committee Report – Justin Godey

Teacher’s Representative Update

Chevron grant: Amplify Science units, irrigation for k playground

Unfinished Business

Budget Committee – Discussion to be had regarding the forming of a Budget Committee to review 2019-2020 budget and form a budget for the 2020-2021 school year.  Create a committee-agrees to meet with board.  Motion to create Budget Committee by Justin Godey.  Second. Votes for: 4. Votes against: 3.

Diversity, Inclusion and Equity Committee – Discussion to be had about how to increase diversity, inclusion and equity within the PFC and form a committee to head that charge and continue monitoring the PFC in regards to these issues. A PFC member joins coffee with the principal. Bring bullet points to CWP meeting.

Financial Secretary – Discussion to be had about the creation of a Financial Secretary position to act as check and balance to the Treasurer.  Motion passed unanimously.

New Business

Work on pledge program: (free 2.9% processing fee)

Update website/communication. 

Justin would like more procedures for communication in regards to committees. Templates from PTO today

Identify dates for events/committees: Plan ahead. School calendar just came out

Requesting mini fridge for nurses office $350

Put Water Cooler as point of fundraiser for Jog-A-Thon on Agenda for next meeting.

Resolution to reach out to chronically absent board members about stepping down.


Closing & Q&A – President