Dec 3, 2019

Meeting began 5:35

Agenda approved 

  • Report from Daniel: almost caught up with acct. books. 2019 done. Working backwards on previous years.
  • ? What is the budget for this year?
  • PV invited to apply for the Cal Distinguished School this year. Only school in Napa County! 
  • Kinder Info Night-great turnout, parents excited about the program
  • Winter Celebration held at NVCC 2 presentation times due to high numbers. 
  • Polar Express 12/13 Friday and Pajama Day. Need volunteers.


Planning Date for Havana Nights:Thursday Dec 12th 6pm at HopCreek

Tentative date of event Feb 8th

$2500 with $12 cocktails venue gives 30% back to PV

Also looking for other venue options that can hold up to 200. Claudette will send out request for venues on PS.

Claudette will ask about a barn (call a friend)

MOVIE Night: raised $700

INDEPENDENT STUDY: Students need to complete the work

Saturday School next two Saturdays

NEW BUSINESS-add response to this question to next agenda/Jan 28th

What is the purpose of raising money? What are the goals for spending the money? AIDES, STEM, GARDEN…..water dispensers, items for teachers…

Babysitting Night

Science Night

Who is signed up for Family Night committee?