PFC 10.29.19 – ENGLISH

  1. Agenda Approval
    1. Approval of consent agenda
      1. Justin motion to approve consent agenda
        1. Approved by hand vote by other parents
  2. Officer repot 
    1. Holly (for Dan treasurer report) 
    2. Balance is of today 107K 
      1. Outdoor ed – $1700 in account 
      2. Would like to meet to go over expenses for events., would like to make it east 
      3. Goals 
        1.  Income and expense and report trails
        2. makes it easy to make budgets
        3. communicate with family’s on financial reports and where we are
      4. question – do we have a published budget? 
  1. Answer – no, but Dan is looking for it as well as Laurie
  2. Parent Square – All Parents need to get on to Parent Square, we will no longer be able to use Konstella
  3. Faculty report 
    1. Helen (filling in for Faculty report) – Teachers 
      1. Room 2 is still looking for a room parent 
      2. Teachers are happy so far
      3. Power hour (in staff room from 8:30 til done) tomorrow 10/30 
      4. Open enrollment 0 starting now until end of November kinder-5th
        1. How to get in to PV? You have to pick PV as your first choice. Otherwise it is very hard for student to actually get in
        2. Waitlist – tell parents that if you they don’t fget in, STAY on the waitlist. Chances are that they might be able to get in
      5. Air quality – PV has not been putting info on our website, district wants information to be streamlined. 
        1. A reminder for parents to get on Parent Square, all stream lined info will be provided through that app
        2. Air quality – HVAC have been shut off so that bad air isn’t filtered in to the classrooms
          1. Kids had indoor recess (when air quality is orange or worse, kids will have indoor recess)
        3. Halloween parade – contingent on air quality
          1. Worse case scenario – parents will be disinvited and kids will have their own parade in the cafeteria 
          2. Costumes – have to be functional, if not they are wear at time of parade, but not in class, no hairspray or make up, Wigs are ok
        4. Conferences – will be held in cafeteria 
          1. Please don’t cancel, be respectful of teacher time
      6. Holly – Super intendent advisory committee – Holly to take notes and come back to the PFC meetings to share details of meeting/info
        1. Last night meeting was canceled. Next meeting will be 
  4. New  Business 
    1. Committees – Need to establish committees 
      1. Dia Del nino – End of April 
        1. Laurie ( Chair, but needs help with Food) Emily 
      2. Havana Night – February
        1. Volunteers – Stephanie/Alexis (chair) Holly, Sue DeAngalo,  Julie Newberry, Gia, Scheky, Stephanie, Julia
      3. Winter Celebration – Need date
        1. Volunteers, Michelle, Yuliana 707-812-9184, Claudette and Holly
        2. Location – 
          1. District auditorium
            1. But can’t sell food at district 
          2. JC Theater– possibility and can sell food, and FREE! AND PARKING! 
            1. Dates 16th or 17th
        3. Volunteers Room parents have offered to help
      4. Family nights (movie nights, science nights, Math night
      5. Jog-a-thon 
        1. Volunteer – Marcia Hadler (chair)
      6. Online Auction
        1. Auction/ Bidding for good – used in the past years
    2. Motion to overrule Bylaws 
      1. Dan – motion to meeting to a date in December
        1. Justin second, I’s approve
      2. Justin – motion to get composter and water dispenser 
        1. Holly second, I’s approve
  5. General announcements
    1. Chipotle – Dine and donate ( didn’t get the date, sorry but I I think Claudette said that we should make sure to get the word out) 
    2. Movie night
      1. Depends on air quality and electricity
      2. No Drinking – Parent will be held accountable if a parents drinks and drives
      3. Volunteers – 
        1. Sue – will stay 
        2. Need parents to grill hotdogs
      4. Donations – Should have an area for donations