Notes on 2-7-17 Dia del Nino Meeting

The date of the event is April 29th, 10am to 2pm
Assume 400 people attending the event
Next organizational meeting: Feb 28th, 5:30 – 6:30

Volunteer spots open:
– Parent Lead to coordinate games
– Parent lead for Talent show
– volunteers to work set up/clean up and selling food, or donate food (include this in flyer to go home)
– need parents to do nails and face painting
– 2 parents to help talent show coordination (kids try out after school, Kathy to organize)

Location of event:
We need to move the event to the back.
– can picnic tables be moved to make Pergola the entertainment area
– Kelly Darter to research “thing” for front to get attention to draw people in

Set-up and clean-up (Becki & Sergio in charge)
– Mark locations
– Becki & Duncan & Sergio will make a map of outlets, food area, games, and entertainment.
– track where to return items to
– tents, tables and other items
– pre-sell tickets – handouts in Wednesday packets, online sales
– need someone to bundle tickets
– let’s chalk the ground leading the way to the party
– Duncan is sound consultant.

Promotion (Brett in charge)
– need to get a volunteer to hand out postcards / posters in the neighborhood
– make signs for booths
– Press release
– sponsored FB ad
– register contact for advertising
– invite the city council, board of education, nvusd

Food & Drink (Diana Gonzalez is Food Chairperson)
ZUZU is on for paella
Napa Valley Coffee Roasters – confirmed
Bake Sale – Mindi Robinson in charge
Roberto – Tacos
Salsa – Winner of salsa contest to make salsa for everyone!
Fruit cups
Hot dogs (make # of buns match)
Aqua Frescas
Kid’s veggie food
Ice cream cart Paletero (Sergio & Brooke looking into cost to rent/buy one)
Tamales (Diana will follow up with Luanne)
Water bar – Ms. Modi (Emily) to look into getting the water bar from Connolly ranch.
Water bottles – Brooke to contact Kleen Kanteen about logoed water bottles to pre-order, pick up that day
Ump qua Ice cream cart (Julia is following up with neighbor)
Each grade to donate food (more info TBD)

Talent Show & Entertainment – need parent lead
Noon – Aztec dance troupe is available. (Laura Corona has a contact)
Mariachi band roaming the ground for tips – We need a contact for a mariachi band! Does anyone know anyone.
Flamenco band (Laura Corona has a contact)
Sergio & Becki are each following up with additional musicians / dancing
Kathy Burroughs coordinates talent show

Games & activities – need parent lead
Need Teacher Lead to work with teachers on what games, who is covering, and where they will be.
Hair – need parents to do nails and face painting
Craft booth where kids can make Mother’s Day cards
Planting booth (Carrie and Ms Modi) – Brooke talking to Van Windens about getting flowers pots

Raffle & Fundraising Auction (Kelly in charge)
– Fundraiser auction: Kelly has a list of local businesses and people are signing up for businesses to hit up for donations. Master list will be in the office.
– raffle: sell tickets ahead of time (if any left, sell day of) to enter a chance to win one of three items. (Laura Corona in charge of this).