PFC Meeting Minutes

Opened Meeting  – Laurie reviewed agenda, Brett read last meeting’s notes


Community board

– in progress. Parents are decorating


Morning drop-off issues


We are painting new lines to help push traffic trough

Need volunteers for crossing guard

Need volunteers from 8 to 8:20 each day

Once lines are painted, we will send home a flyer outlining the new process


Principal Update:

– On Feb 3rd we had 35 members of Leadership Napa Valley, including the mayor, at the school for 2 hours. We were one of three schools they visited. We took them through the science units and toured the classroom. Parents were very involved. It was an awesome experience.


– Our 2017 Kindergarten class is full!
Faculty update

We need help at Power Hour! 3rd Wednesday every month. 8:15-9:30. Parents come in and help teachers with prep projects

Special Events:

Movie Night made $850.

Forge made $165


Need more dine & donates planned. See Kelly Darter if you have a possible dine & donate place.


Garden & Kitchen

– Approved funds to buy fruit/berry trees. Carrie is picking these out.


Need 4-5 people for 2-3 hours on 2 dates (using STEM to install the rain water system)


Salsa Garden installation in late May (May 19th or 20th is a possible date). Working out the details.


Summer care and watering – we need to come up with volunteers and a schedule.


Kitchen needs new lead coordinator to develop a plan to sustain in the future.

Need budget to sustain garden and kitchen. PFC working on budget with Carrie Strohl for keeping these alive and running after the magnet funding runs out. Questions? Interested in helping? Contact Carrie Strohl. We will include this in a Wednesday handout.


Emergency Backpacks

– We are waiting on the items. Once in, Kat, Julia, Katherine volunteer to help shop and pack the backpacks. Questions? Talk to PFC president Laurie Corona


Online Auction (and starting to gather things for Dia del Nino)

– Claudette send out email to 360 merchants to get donations

– Form is on the website.  Questions? See Kelly Darter.  Kelly is looking into having a live auction event. We will also look into classroom projects that would go into the auctions. Jennifer volunteered to help with classroom projects.


Dia del Nino

The date of the event is April 29th, 10am to 2pm

Assume 400 people attending the event

Next organizational meeting: March 14th 5:30 – 6:30


Volunteer spots open:

– Parent lead for Talent show

– volunteers to work set up/clean up and selling food, or donate food (include this in flyer to go home)

– need parents to do nails and face painting

– 2 parents to help talent show coordination (kids try out after school, Kathy to organize)


Location of event: 

We need to move the event to the back. 

– can picnic tables be moved to make Pergola the entertainment area

– Kelly Darter to research “thing” for front to get attention to draw people in. We are also looking into if the Vine radio station would do a remote broadcast from the event.


Set-up and clean-up (Becki & Sergio in charge)

– Mark locations

– Becki & Duncan & Sergio will make a map of outlets, food area, games, and entertainment.

– track where to return items to

– tents, tables and other items

– pre-sell tickets – handouts in Wednesday packets, online sales

– need someone to bundle tickets

– let’s chalk the ground leading the way to the party

– Duncan is sound consultant.


Promotion (Brett in charge)

– need to get a volunteer to hand out postcards / posters in the neighborhood

– $390 for a sponsored email in Napa Valley Kid. Do we want to do this?

– make signs for booths

– Press release 

– sponsored FB ad

– NV Register contact for advertising

– Helen to invite the city council, board of education, nvusd– Vine will let us record a spot for Community Calendar in late March – Confirmed, Brett contacted

– Post in Patch, Nextdoor, Peachjar


Food & Drink (Diana Gonzalez is Food Chairperson), each class is going to help

ZUZU is on for paella CONFIRMED

Napa Valley Coffee Roasters – confirmed

Bake Sale – Mindi Robinson in charge CONFIRMED

Roberto – Tacos CONFIRMED

Salsa – Winner of salsa contest to make salsa for everyone! CONFIRMED

Fruit cups – CONFIRMED

Nachos – CONFIRMED 2nd grade


Hot dogs (make # of buns match) CONFIRMED – Kinder

Aqua Frescas – CONFIRMED – Grade TBA

Quesadilla/ Kid’s veggie food – ARE WE DOING THIS? Need to determine

Ice cream cart Paletero (Sergio & Brooke looking into cost to rent/buy one)

Tamales (Diana will follow up with Luanne) for pre-order. How do we pre-order??? Forms will go home in the Wednesday packet. Look into online order form. Need timing from Diana/Luanne.

Water bar – Ms. Modi (Emily) to look into getting the water bar from Connolly ranch. 

Water bottles – Brooke to contact Kleen Kanteen about logoed water bottles to pre-order, pick up that day. Could be thank you gift to teachers.

Umpqua Ice cream cart (Julia is following up with neighbor)

Each grade to donate food (more info TBD)


Talent Show & Entertainment – need parent lead (kathy will mentor). Will Boys & Girls club facilitate talent show. Naomi will help day-of.

Noon – Aztec dance troupe is available. (Laura Corona has a contact)

Mariachi band roaming the ground for tips – We need a contact for a mariachi band! Does anyone know anyone.

Flamenco band (Laura Corona has a contact)

Sergio & Becki are each following up with additional musicians / dancing 

Kathy Burroughs coordinates talent show


Games & activities – Julia Valencia & Miss Robin

Need Teacher Lead to work with teachers on what games, who is covering, and where they will be.

Hair – need parents to do nails and face painting

Craft booth where kids can make Mother’s Day cards

Planting booth (Carrie and Ms Modi) – Brooke talking to Van Windens about getting flowers pots


Raffle & Fundraising Auction (Kelly in charge)

– Fundraiser auction: Kelly has a list of local businesses and people are signing up for businesses to hit up for donations. Master list will be in the office.

– raffle: sell tickets ahead of time (if any left, sell day of) to enter a chance to win one of three items. (Laura Corona in charge of this).

– Grade-level baskets (Jennifer Gibb in charge)

Notes for next year (2018) Dia del Nino – 
add to donation form – we need certificates, name of parent contact


Public Comment:

Next PFC meeting: March 28th, 5:30pm

Rosanna motions to adjourn, Roberto seconds.


Parking lot items: