1-31-17 PFC Meeting Minutes

Opened Meeting – Laurie reviewed agenda


Introduce Brett Van Emst who is filling in for Elizabeth Champion who resigned (until elections in May 2017)


Parking lot items:

Will now include items from Coffee with the Principal


New Issue:


  1. morning drop-off: We want to explore having parents help with morning drop-off


Faculty update:


– Really appreciate parent involvement in the classroom.


– Parent Feedback: most parents for older (3rd grade) kids miss things (mainly teacher-specific calls for classroom help) that are put up in the window since they don’t go to the classroom.


Principal Update:

  • we have space for more Kindergarteners for fall 2017. Please spread the word and let people know that we have openings.


– Feb 3rd we will have 35 members of Napa Valley Leadership in for 2 hours.


Emergency Backpacks
– Since this is $800 estimate, we need to vote on the expense. Mindy motioned to Approve. Brett seconded. Kat, Julia, Katherine volunteer to help shop and pack the backpacks. Questions? Talk to PFC president Laurie Corona

Online Auction (and starting to gather things for Dia del Nino)
– Form is available for starting to collect donations. Parents can take these forms to businesses to get donations. Form will be on the website. Questions? See Kelly Darter. Kelly is looking into having a live auction event. We will also look into classroom projects that would go into the auctions. Jennifer volunteered to help with classroom projects.


Garden & Kitchen
Kitchen needs new lead coordinator to develop a plan to sustain in the future.
Need budget to sustain garden and kitchen – PFC working on budget with Carrie Strohl for keeping these alive and running after the magnet funding runs out. Questions? Interested in helping? Contact Carrie Strohl

Special Events:
Movie Night 2-10-17 at food at 5:30, 6pm movie – Might be FernGully. Volunteers needed for food, set-up, clean up. There will be a box for suggestions of movies. Expect 200 people total. There is a cost for food, movie is free. Jennifer (leader-in-training) and Kat will help with food. Diana & Marisol will help set-up. Julia & Mindi – serve and clean up.


Dia del Nino

First planning meeting 2-7-2017 @ 5:30pm. Volunteers needed!!

Room Parent meeting 2-9-17 – 8:15

Public Comment:

We determined to come up with a community board in the multi-use room for parents to use as a community hub. It will be a Power Hour project. We need a good name.


Next PFC meeting: February 28th, 5:30pm


Rosanna motions to adjourn, Mindi seconds.